The Workshop - Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena
Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena


The Flavours of Gallura
Abandon all hope.. Those who enter here... Find themselves in a realm of flavours and aromas.

Creating the taste

Stepping over the threshold is simple ... immediate ..We don't want to impress you, we want to thrill you
with the knowledge of our ingredients that are intelligently mixed together to create the typical produce of our workshop.  
Gnocchi, ravioli, cucciuleddi, casgiatine, fiuritti, acciuleddi and seadas!
You can try making the Gallura soup: it is made of simply layered bread and cheese but it takes technique and passion to ensure that a few simple ingredients are transformed into the symbolic product of our Gallura.
You will not be able to escape learning, cooking or simply taking back home a  fragment of your experience at the Estate ... ... the most fragrant and tasty experience.
Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena

The Preparation

From Ancient Recipes 
Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena

Fresh Pasta

Traditional recipes are the basis for the preparation of all our fresh pasta.
The simple secrets handed down from generation to generation that value and celebrate local ingredients, those simple ingredients we have at home that take us on a gastronomic journey of discovery.

Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena


Traditional aromas and flavours will encourage you into discovering our desserts.
 Honey, almonds, raisins, orange and lemon peel, egg whites, sugar ... the main ingredients for the creation of unique products that bring our taste journey to life.   
Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena

Our Cooking

For those who are interested in venturing down the road of recipes and traditions to create simple, authentic delicacies that enhance taste in a unique culinary experience. Our welcoming workshop holds courses and tastings, offering you a new experience in the name of taste and tradition.
Tenuta Pilastru | Country Resort Arzachena

Our Products
for Sale

Fresh pasta and typical desserts… ..preparation, tasting… and why not? a souvenir to take away….
For those who want to continue their taste journey and/or for those you simply want to share it with their friends and relatives.. Our products await you in the workshop for a sweet goodbye!